Our first Sensei .. Sensei Edgar Auckland has passed away after a short illness.

All our thoughts go out to the family and wife Joan.

Without Sensei Edgar none of what we have today in the karate world in Barnsley or Shindo kai would not be possible.

Myself and sensei Ged owe this man so much. 

Osu and good bye Sensei RIP


















The summer camp was a massive success once again. Please try to get your kids and parents involved, it really does bring your students closer and helps for a better club family feel to your dojo .. We are all a little guilty of all work sometimes and not enough fun time with the kids and parents from your clubs.


Haven site, Primrose valley site near filey .. book your own vans so instructors have no need to get involved , its just a case of asking them who is interested.

Look on the shindo kai face book site and see what we get up to. J

 15th June course . kata first then kumite and two officials courses ....

r kata comp .. teams as well as pairs, individual and Grad champion sections with new sections for boys and girls 7 and unders split.

Cap of £25 for all 4 sections

We have the Central comp which is a squad event in early july, going to give our kata forms a few weeks before i send out the squad forms for this comp.

The club/association who amasses the most points at the central gets a massive cup at the end ... this year the shindo kai club who gets the most points as part of the squad will get the trophy which i think is fair. So if you send your entries to me i can send one big entry in an the organiser knows its a shindo kai competitor .. if you do send your own they make not put the points on ?? your choice.

Have a good bank holiday everyone . 

Osu JT J


link to the i'm famous photography team that was at the nationals, have a look and find your self; http://www.imfamous.co.uk


Our national championships went like clock work. 300 competitors doing Kata and Kumite events on 6 areas and 40 home grown shindo kai officials, it was a very proud moments seeing all the karate ka working so hard and efficiently. well done everyone involved.

All away for 4 pm ... wow !!!!

Dan grade awards went to the following Sensei's ;  Matthew Handley 3rd Dan , Jon Chapman 4th Dan, John Ball 6th Dan and Chris Haynes 6th Dan for all their hard work and dedication in the association.

The association now takes a break from the circuit and work is under way now on 2014 calendar.

When things are sorted and halls booked i will up date the web site for everyone.

Can i thank everyone in Shindo kai for all their loyal support and dedication over the year.

Lets all have a break and come back energized for 2014, enjoy your Christmas and new year celebrations and don't forget the EKF English Kyu grade championships in Late January 2014 .. Got to swap the competition with a massive entry as normal and get some English champions in Shindo kai.


Join us on face book


All the best everyone 

Osu; sensei John & Ged :)




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